Sep 24, 2021

It starts at the top – women on boards

In this episode, I talk with two Tasmanian women who are experienced Directors and Chair boards in the public and private sectors. It will explore the traditional behaviours of men on boards and how these women have had to take a stand for good governance, no matter how challenging.

Frank and fearless is the ability to have a voice on important issues without fear of retribution. To stand up and say something is wrong without being labelled difficult or sidelined from the discussion. To contribute to a society that embraces debate and is open to wanting to hear from those who raise the sticky, uncomfortable issues, the often inconvenient truths.

Hosted by Kym Goodes, Frank and Fearless is a podcast about the strength of voice of women, speaking up and leading the discussions on important issues that impact Tasmania. The term frank and fearless originates from the public service and how an apolitical, professional public service provides impartial advice to the government of the day as a key feature of the Westminster system.

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