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3P Advisory

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Working together to positively impact your organisation and Tasmania.

Client and community expectations are changing. We help you better understand the people and places of Tasmania to ensure your organisation is not just the best in Tasmania, but also the best for Tasmania.


Listening and learning from you, your partners, your stakeholders and the community.


Developing strategic and operational plans and actions to deliver your vision.


Assisting you to maintain momentum and achieve your long term strategy.


Bringing insight, clarity and innovation to what we have heard combined with the data/evidence base.


Finding common ground between your needs, your stakeholders and your community.


Our People

Kym Goodes

Kym Goodes, the principal of 3P, is recognised as one of the foremost public voices in Tasmania.

She has two decades of experience working in government and the not for profit sector in social and economic public policy fields as diverse as education, employment, transport, energy, digital inclusion, health, housing and human services. She has worked across both the public and private sectors as a sought-after adviser specialising in public engagement and evidence-informed policy and program responses.

For large projects, Kym draws on a diverse team of associates and partner organisations to ensure the skills and experience mix to meet your needs are available.

As the former CEO of TasCOSS, Kym is a recognised leader and change-maker, Kym has worked as an advocate and lobbyist on a range of policy, projects and legislative changes that contribute to ensuring everyone has the opportunity to live a good life in this beautiful island state.

In addition to her work in her advisory business, Kym is a Director on a number of boards including Brand Tasmania, TasTAFE, Local Government Review Board, No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) and Wintringham, a unique national housing/homelessness and aged care provider supporting older Australians who have spent many years homeless and living in poverty.


Further to her governance roles, Kym is a Ministerial appointed member of the Premiers Health and Wellbeing Advisory Council, 26TEN Coalition. Kym has post-graduate qualifications in Public Sector Management, Leadership and has studied on campus in Boston at Harvard Kennedy Business School, completing an intensive on Strategic Leadership and Perspectives for Not for Profit Management.

Kaity Graham

Kaity is a highly accomplished consultant with a diverse background in health and social policy. In her role at 3P, she leverages her expertise in strategic policy, reform, and service planning to drive positive change within the organisations she is working with.

Kaity’s commitment to social justice in linked into all her work and she recognises the inherent value of equity and actively working towards a more inclusive society. Leveraging her extensive experience and strong analytical skills, Kaity approaches her work through an equity lens.

With a focus on the needs of people alongside of the importance of using resources efficiently and effectively to achieve optimal outcomes for both organisations and their communities, Kaity uses both qualitative and quantitative data to inform her work. Renowned for her ability to maximise the value and impact of resources while simultaneously minimising social impact, Kaity's strategic thinking and resourceful mindset enable her to work with clients to develop innovative solutions that strike the right balance between organisational objectives and social responsibility.

Kaity is experienced in the need to tackle complex challenges head-on, and she recognises that effective policy and service planning are key to addressing societal disparities and promoting positive outcomes for vulnerable populations. Her strategic approach, combined with her commitment for creating meaningful change, provides 3P clients with the opportunity to work with Kaity to look for new approaches as the catalyst for transformative initiatives.

One of Kaity's notable strengths lies in her ability to navigate the intricate relationship between strategic policy and reform, and service planning, design, and review. She possesses a deep understanding of the complex dynamics at play within the health and social policy landscape, particularly within Tasmania. Her keen insight and analytical intuition allow her to identify areas for improvement, and develop both innovative strategies and operational solutions to address these.

More recently Kaity has specialised in service planning and evaluation and has contemporary knowledge in a range of evaluation methodologies. She is currently exploring cost-benefit analysis approaches to social, health and community programs to apply a level of rigour and new understanding for both organisations and funding bodies.

Beyond her policy expertise, Kaity is a skilled communicator and collaborator. She excels at fostering partnerships with diverse stakeholders, including government agencies, community organisations, peak bodies and advocacy groups. Her ability to bring together different groups and facilitate dialogue opens up varied perspectives, fostering consensus and driving collective action.

She actively engages in community initiatives and advocates for equitable policies that prioritise the well-being and rights of Tasmanians. She has a passion for building a Tasmania our next generation will be proud to grow up in, and reflects this both in her position on the board of Playgroup Tasmania, and as a mother of a next generation Tasmanian, her 3-year-old son Noah.

Steph Brake

Steph is a highly skilled professional with extensive experience across a range of sectors. Holding tertiary qualifications in accounting and corporate governance, she excels in strategic decision-making and has a track record of driving organisational vision to realisation.

With over a decade of experience in Tasmania's public health system (at the Department of Health system management division as well as Primary Health Tasmania), Steph's expertise in government policy reform, program management, and service design ensures a balanced approach to both strategy and execution. Steph possesses in-depth health system knowledge at national, state, and local levels, and demonstrates particular expertise in rural, Aboriginal, and mental health issues. She also possesses extensive subject matter expertise in primary health and value-based healthcare reform.

Steph's approach is people and outcomes-focused, underpinned by values of altruism and a deep-rooted desire to see communities thrive. This is complemented by her leadership skills, where she engages effectively with a broad range of stakeholders. Steph has strong relationships with the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health sector, with a history of meaningful facilitation and engagement at local, state and national levels.

Nick Evans

Nick has extensive experience in Social Policy, Service Delivery, Regulation and Industrial Relations and Advocacy across the Commonwealth and Tasmanian Governments and the union movement.

Nick, most recently as Deputy Secretary Regulation and Service Delivery in The Department of Justice, developed an understanding of and expertise in regulatory frameworks in Tasmania, particularly in relation to Land Use Planning, Building and Work Health and Safety.

He has developed and implemented policy across the Education, Human Services, Community Development, Justice, Corrections Sectors and most recently in the regulation of building and planning.


Nicks experience as an advocate as a union official, as a ministerial advisor, a senior bureaucrat responsible amongst other things, for the development of Vocational Education and Training policy, and operationally as Director of Corrective Services, gives him a unique perspective on social policy in Tasmania from a stakeholder, political and managerial point of view.

He has a special interest in the way we as a community work with young people and their families to overcome social disadvantage.

Although living in Hobart after a period in Canberra, Nick considers himself a Northwest Coaster having been born and raised there.

He has been a member of several community-based boards including the Council on The Ageing and Colony 47.